Hello! Thanks for dropping in. Scroll down for the next post in the series. First, I want to tell you that this is a blog for me, an exercise in observing the good things in my life, a place to practice taking and editing my own photos and then a place to just tell little… Continue reading Welcome.

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As late Spring slides into Summer-21st May 2022

As we all know, the Earth is part of a clock. It keeps its own time no matter what tinkering we humans see fit to try and impose on it. For me, the moment Late Spring become officially Summer is the moment the residents of the three Swift boxes on our chimney wheel back into… Continue reading As late Spring slides into Summer-21st May 2022

Jane Maddison Breathers®-20th Apr 2022

I just had to show you this. Mr. Rooster arrived this morning in a small box which was handed over the doorstep to me by the postman. Yet again, I had forgotten what I had ordered! I tell you, it’s Christmas Day many times through the year in this house. I came upon Jane Maddison’s… Continue reading Jane Maddison Breathers®-20th Apr 2022

Collecting things-22nd Mar 2022

Collections. Why do we collect things? More specifically, why do we collect numerous examples of the same type of things? How does this start and why do other people in our lives encourage us to entertain such madness in the first place? I was pondering these questions when I took the first photo for yesterday’s… Continue reading Collecting things-22nd Mar 2022