Sap rising- 2nd April 2023

I am a child of the late 50s. Never in my wildest dreams, when I was young, did I dream that I would ever have a camera capable of taking this sort of photo. It was beyond my knowledge and certainly beyond the technology of my earlier times – unless you had serious money. The idea that this would be possible for so many of us now in 2023 just using the camera on our phones (!!!!) was truly inconceivable.

The photo above is the first for this blog that I have not taken on my dear, old Blackberry phone. I was very sad to move on from that previous phone as I had been a true and loyal fan of Blackberries for years. My thumbs really miss the physical keyboard that made typing emails on the phone a whizz. Ah, well… time catches up with all such devices and when the apps that we have come to rely on cease to function properly, we know we must move on or be left behind.

The sun on this day was very low in the sky, which was an astonishing shade of blue in the evening light. The sky had been leaden all day but, suddenly, the clouds parted and a shaft of sunlight illuminated the miniature cherry tree down by the pond at the bottom of the garden. I could see it from the kitchen sink where I was preparing veg for our dinner. The spuds were instantly abandoned for the chance to try out the new camera.

Which blossom to choose? They hung suspended in still, windless, perfection all over the tree. I hurried down there because I knew that rain was coming again for the next three days and that this brief moment of spring blossom would be gone before the sun had chance to light up the little tree again this year.

Now, this blossom belongs to one of the Apricot trees that fan themselves along the south-facing fence of my veg garden. We do this little dance each year, the Apricots and I: the blossom comes out, teasing, tantalizing, promising glorious fruit to come and then the late frost comes and interrupts our dreams.

This year, fingers crossed, we might not have tangoed in vain!

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