Collecting things-22nd Mar 2022

Collections. Why do we collect things? More specifically, why do we collect numerous examples of the same type of things? How does this start and why do other people in our lives encourage us to entertain such madness in the first place? I was pondering these questions when I took the first photo for yesterday’s… Continue reading Collecting things-22nd Mar 2022

Make or break lighting-21st Mar 2022

It seems appropriate at this Equinox point of the year, when the light is balanced between day and night, to talk a bit about lighting. I mentioned the inglenook fireplace yesterday as a decorating challenge. There really isn’t a lot you can do to change something like this. It is going to dominate the room.… Continue reading Make or break lighting-21st Mar 2022

A rush of blood to the head-20th Mar 2022

Meet “Ting”. This phone came to live with us after we redecorated the dining room last year. Wait. I will back up and tell you the story. Settle in. It’s quite a tale. We have lived in this old house for 22 years now. The dining room is one of two large reception rooms at… Continue reading A rush of blood to the head-20th Mar 2022

A crocheted bedspread-19th Mar 2022

Okay. Now you’re just showing off. I have had these very words spoken to me so many times in my life and, sometimes, it has been true. But, why are the words flung out with such bitterness by the accuser, as if being good at something is a bad thing? And why is taking pride… Continue reading A crocheted bedspread-19th Mar 2022

More garden friends-18th Mar 2022

Look at that sunshine!! I was out in the garden yesterday morning and, while the wind still had a slightly cutting edge to it, the sun was magnificent. I could feel my body taking in the Vitamin D. I shared one of my bronze tools with you before-the Castor trowel- in the post for the… Continue reading More garden friends-18th Mar 2022

A proper apron-17th Mar 2022

I really never quite know what I am going to write about next on these blog posts. I imagine that some people who blog possibly have it all mapped out, days, weeks, months, in advance so that it flows and there is some feeling of continuity. Nah. So much for planning ahead, as in a… Continue reading A proper apron-17th Mar 2022