Some days are just like that-23rd Mar 2022


What’s this, I hear you cry? Solitaire? Let me explain….

I guess we all have days when we just feel blah. It all gets on top of us and we just feel a bit washed out and sad. I guess it has been two weeks since I had that sofa day so I suppose I am due a day off. However, sometimes that’s not on the schedule. So, when I need a few minutes to just switch off, I play Solitaire on my computer. There are five different games I like to play and I like to think they help keep my brain active as I get older. I like the really hard ones best. They give my brain something to chew on and they also take me out of my own perceived troubles. What troubles have I got? I have a roof over my head, plenty to eat and a loving husband so, no troubles at all. Stuff still gets to us though, doesn’t it?

Now, look at these cards in the picture. Cats. MY cats. Sparky and Fluffy. Brother and sister from the same litter, we adopted them when they were about three years old. I figured out how to put their cheeky faces on the face cards of this virtual deck and seeing them always makes me smile. They both had such funny cat personalities. NEVER boring. Always up to something. I miss them a lot.

As well as Sol for these days, I am finding that the writing helps the blues. There is just SO much going on in the world at the moment. Yes, writing helps. But, I am finding that I have possibly done the thing I always do to myself- I give myself impossible goals. I set out to write one of these posts a day and, more or less, I have done just that since the beginning of February. I still have many things to say but, you know, there are just some days when you need to sit still and be quite for a bit so I am not going to beat myself up here. I am going to take a day off from it when I need to do so. Just be. Recharge.

I will be back. I’ve got a long list of things to tell you about…

Sparky the chair pig

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