Making Chicken Stock-26th Feb 2022

With everything that is going on in the world just now, I remind myself that these posts are primarily meant for me. They are a place to allow me some time to focus on something ordinary. Something wholesome. Something that helps me feel grounded and sane. If it helps anyone who might stumble across them… Continue reading Making Chicken Stock-26th Feb 2022

French Duralex Glasses-22nd Feb 2022

There are so many pockets of madness bubbling away around the world today. Threat of war being endlessly spoken of in the news. “Hey, I know! Let’s have another war…well, it worked so well last time we did it!” Er…no. Meanwhile, I am here, just talking about ordinary things again. Whatever else is going on,… Continue reading French Duralex Glasses-22nd Feb 2022

The Ikea Stainless Steel Skillet-21st Feb 2022

The third in my triumvirate of favourite skillets is this one. I think I bought it from Ikea in the 1980s. It measures about 25cm across the top- that’s about 10 inches for my fellow oldies out there. The lid also does double duty on my cast iron skillet. So, why have three skillets? I… Continue reading The Ikea Stainless Steel Skillet-21st Feb 2022

Different jobs, different pan- 19th Feb 2022

As much as my inner minimalist would love it to be the case, sometimes just having one of something doesn’t get the job done. Yesterday I told you about my cast iron skillet and what a wonderful thing it is for most sorts of cooking that need a skillet. Here is different type and, just… Continue reading Different jobs, different pan- 19th Feb 2022