Remembering a friend-20th Feb 2022

I wasn’t going to write anything today. Late start. Foul, cold weather. Online church meeting. Cooking, washing up. nap, online family chat…..loads of things really. But in the background of all of that I have been remembering a dear friend who died a year ago today.

He was not so young, the horrible cancer that took him was not so unexpected, we were gutted but relieved when he suffered no more. And a year has passed.

We hear his laughter all over our house for he and his gorgeous wife were frequent visitors to our home. We shared meals, with much flowing wine. We shared music, for the man was a monster musician-pianist, arranger, singer. We argued until late into the night sometimes- really passionate arguments, so loud we worried that the neighbours might bang the walls at 2am to get us to pipe down- thank goodness for 4 foot thick walls!

Passion for music, food, drink, laughter and friends – Baz had a burning passion for life and he inspired those lucky enough to know him to go out and take part in all of the joys that life can bring. Explore. Poke fun at all the people who say “don’t”. His answer to them was always, “why not?”, be it in his music or as a well crafted, broad Yorkshire, deeply pithy comment that could dissolve the friends who overheard it into helpless laughter.

It is very hard to pin down what we miss the most. It was the whole package really, warts and all.

And the laughing. Always the laughing.

We miss you, man.

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