Taking photos-28th Feb 2022

Reflected morning light

Hurrah!! The last day of the most miserable month. When I started this blog, I said that the 2nd of Feb was the start of the year in my head. That is true, but it is only the start. February as a whole still seems to act as a holding pattern. We get little glimpses of what is to come but I wouldn’t call it a wholesale, launch into action, month. The blog has helped me though. It has helped me to see the things I already have around me with new and appreciative eyes. The writing has made me focus my thoughts, to form words into feelings on the page. We all need to find inspiration where ever we can. For me, it started with photos.

I have been taking photos for about 40 years now. I did learn how to do it properly with all the developing and such that went with it. Towering hope followed by crashing disappointment were my usual experiences with the old way of producing photographs.

Enter phone cameras. Astonishing really. Photographers of old would howl with jealousy at the cameras most of us have access to on our phones now.

My hope is that anyone reading this will have a look on a bigger screen, if they can. So much detail and feeling can be lost on a smaller screen. I snapped the one above yesterday morning on my way through the dining room. The sun at this time of the year comes up through a gap between the buildings at the rear of the house and we get these long, low shafts of early light that illuminate parts of the house that usually never see the sun. This photo is not lit by anything but sunshine and I was fascinated by how much light was reflected off the stone floor up onto the baskets, the old leather gloves and the wood and bristle brush. I could have tinkered around with the editing to bring more light into the photo in an artificial way but I like it just as it really was, just like this.

The photo below was taken only minutes before. The light moves very quickly so, to quote the old cowboy movies (thankfully in a different context here), ” shoot first, ask questions later. “

Three minutes earlier

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