Planned chaos-7th February 2023

I ache. Every part of me aches but, most especially, my feet ache. This has come about from standing on a ladder for hours and hours, cutting paint in along the great, old oak beams in the lounge. Twenty-six sections of ceiling. It takes me about 15 minutes to cut in the edges and paint… Continue reading Planned chaos-7th February 2023

A rush of blood to the head-20th Mar 2022

Meet “Ting”. This phone came to live with us after we redecorated the dining room last year. Wait. I will back up and tell you the story. Settle in. It’s quite a tale. We have lived in this old house for 22 years now. The dining room is one of two large reception rooms at… Continue reading A rush of blood to the head-20th Mar 2022