Gloves and Secateurs-4th March 2022

It’s March. The garden is awake and the roses need pruning. The roses are going to grow whether I prune them or not, of course. Today’s pruning exercise showed up all the places I had missed in the past or where hands other than mine had made their own choices. Hum.. The roses don’t care… Continue reading Gloves and Secateurs-4th March 2022

Seeing with new eyes-2nd March 2022

I am so mindful of the things we are experiencing in the world as I write this. We are now seeing horrors in Europe that we had hoped we could relegate to the past. They have never stopped happening, of course. Mankind has a particular talent for inflicting misery on his fellow man and another… Continue reading Seeing with new eyes-2nd March 2022

Trousers repair-1st March 2022

What was it John Lennon said? “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” Hum. Yeah. I had planned a different picture for today and had already written different thoughts to go with that other photo. But, things happen. Yesterday, I managed to tear a little three-cornered hole in my very favourite… Continue reading Trousers repair-1st March 2022