Hang on to the good things-31st December 2022

New Year’s Eve…I am sitting at my desk and I am thinking back over the year that was, for me, a holding place, a place left at the starting blocks, a year when I never really got going properly. I KNOW I am not alone in this feeling. Several things happened today that really lifted… Continue reading Hang on to the good things-31st December 2022

The posh glasses-10th Mar 2022

While these glasses ARE more posh than the Duralex ones I spoke of in a previous post, we have used them everyday since we bought them in Jan 2021 and they are not as delicate as you might expect. The Covid business was dragging on by then and we thought we would treat ourselves to… Continue reading The posh glasses-10th Mar 2022

Seeing with new eyes-2nd March 2022

I am so mindful of the things we are experiencing in the world as I write this. We are now seeing horrors in Europe that we had hoped we could relegate to the past. They have never stopped happening, of course. Mankind has a particular talent for inflicting misery on his fellow man and another… Continue reading Seeing with new eyes-2nd March 2022