More garden friends-18th Mar 2022

Weeding heroes

Look at that sunshine!! I was out in the garden yesterday morning and, while the wind still had a slightly cutting edge to it, the sun was magnificent. I could feel my body taking in the Vitamin D.

I shared one of my bronze tools with you before-the Castor trowel- in the post for the 12th Feb 2022. That one is used primarily for planting out seedlings and that sort of job. When it comes to weed intervention though, the three tools in the picture here are the business. I will talk about them, one-by-one.

The square-shaped head you see on the left is the working end of something called a Hydra swing hoe and it was a gift from grateful colleagues when I retired from my orchestral job. Now, were they grateful for everything I had done in my 32 years there or were they just grateful I was going at last? Hehehehe. Who knows?! Anyway, I was very grateful to them for the gift of this wonderful tool. The head swings back and forth as you push and pull, with cutting edges on both sides , which makes it very efficient to use. The thin blade just takes the tops off of the weeds without disturbing things below.

The tool on the far right is far more useful than it might first appear. It’s called a Corvus Weeder. The handle isn’t too long, about 30cm or so, and the single hook can cultivate around plants, such as the raspberries I was pruning and weeding this morning, with great precision. This tool and the one described above are my favourite favourites. In fact, I thought I had lost the Corvus earlier this year. I searched high and low in the garden for it and, after looking for about 6 weeks, decided that it had gotten lost into a municipal garden waste bin of something and I actually BOUGHT MYSELF another one. I loved it that much and needed it right then so couldn’t wait for a Birthday or Christmas present. Two days after the new one arrived, I opened the shed door and there was the old one, hanging in a weirdly strange place, but there nonetheless. Hum…note to self, more patience needed and always put things away in a designated place. No, Cyndy, you won’t remember that you have just hung it up here for a second.

Now, the one in the middle, the Nunki, is a hand held tool that does what the the Hydra swing hoe does but without the swing. I thought I was maybe being a bit indulgent buying this one, but I just love it! There are times when you need to get right down next to the ground to weed. On those occasions, the Hydra hoe is too long, the Corvus weeder hook might go deeper than you want, but the Nunki Hand Weeder is just right. Goldilocks again.

I am going to give these folks another shout out because I really believe in these tools and I sincerely want their business to thrive.

As I have said before, these tools are not cheap. They are solid bronze-not cheap plating that will wear off in a season. The materials they are made from (copper and tin) are expensive even before the artisan craftsmanship needed to make them is applied. They are tools for life as you can get replacement handles and blades for things that might need replacement eventually, such as the Hydra hoe. I have even bought a spare Hydra hoe blade to have in reserve! They make BRILLIANT special occasion presents for gardeners. They are beautifully designed, well balanced, and a joy to use. AND the slugs and snails don’t like them one. little. bit.

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