Is this really October? – 24th October 2022

View from the landing skylight

As I am sure so many of us are doing now, I am looking at the leaves STILL on the trees.  The small, ornamental cherry tree down there has a mop of red hair now, but the beastly sycamore next door is still fully clad in deepest green. I have a leaf bin just waiting for its bounteous offering though. Hum…but the temperatures are just too warm for this time of the year.

Best tree in the village

Once the rain stopped this morning, I walked some birthday cards down to the post box and passed this tree in all its Autumn glory.

How many colours of red?

It is a riot of colour, and it always feels to me as though it is just waiting for someone to look up and notice it.

Textbook Autumn leaves

And it finishes the show by shedding its leaves onto the floor- Nature’s confetti.

Rosehips 1

The walk up to the level crossing reveals hedgerows full of rosehips and other berries, all full of noisy Blackbirds stuffing themselves silly before the cold weather comes.


There are hundreds of rosehips just on this one bush.

Fancy a walk?

I set out to do a brisk walk this morning “for my health” but…the phone camera kept coming out of the pocket and I was forced to slow down and take it all in.

What a shame!

Fast walking again tomorrow…maybe.

Edit: I don’t normally edit things after posting but then I saw this growing out of my neighbour’s fence:

October Honeysuckle????

Poor, confused plants…..

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