Where does the time go?-12th December 2022

Morning! Hot water for tea and porridge in the pan.

I know, I disappeared there for a bit, but November seemed to have been wiped off the calendar for me by one of the “mega-colds” that are circulating about everywhere now. I tested and tested for Covid for about 10 days and…nada. Just a horrible cold. Several people have suggested it might have been the RSV thingy that kids are having now. Whatever…it was horrid and it went on and on and on…

Whenever I have one of these illness things, my Type A personality wants me to be back “up and at it” when, really, I should look after myself better. I am trying to do just that. Part of the way I look after myself is by trying new things. Taking my attention off of how wrung out I felt in the aftermath of the cold was very therapeutic.

My little stories are always inspired by the photos I take and today’s photo was inspired by my new adventure- Log Burner Cooking!

We had this black beauty in the photos today, a Clearview Pioneer 400, installed back in August and could hardly wait until it was cold enough to use it. It replaced a 40 year old beast that had rusted out the back, which horrified the chimney sweep when he last came to sweep it.

Well, he wouldn’t sweep it.

He declared it, quite rightly, illegal, and warned us not to light it as we would most assuredly asphyxiate ourselves with Carbon Monoxide poisoning. We have used him for many years now and we trust his judgement. We asked him to suggest a replacement and arranged fitting. THAT is another long story that I might get around to someday…but not today.

We did think long and hard about having another log burner as they are not thought to be as green as they might once have been. Yes, we were victims of the governments thinking about diesel cars being green back in the day as well. Anyway, due to strange historical happenings here in the village, although we have been told there is a gas main that runs up the middle of the main road, there is no gas service in the village at all. So, most homes are heated by oil or by electricity.

We have an oil boiler but it needs the electric pump to circulate the water around the heating system. We also have a very clever wood burner with a back boiler in the dining room that is attached to the oil system and takes over from the oil boiler when the wood stove is lit. Yes, very clever, BUT, it still needs an electric pump to circulate the hot water around the system. Should there is a power cut, we have no heat as that very clever wood burner HAS to be able to have the water pumped out of it to not just blow up. Hum…what chance of a power cut? Recent world happenings don’t inspire confidence on that front.

We had this little 5kw wood burner installed as it is completely independent of the oil and the electricity. And, and, and…

I can cook on the top of it!!!

Now, cooking had not occurred to me at first. It was inspiration from my friend Andrew Rock in the next village who has a smallholding and blogs about it here. He posted a series of photos of various meals he had prepared on his wood burner that opened my eyes. Andrew heats on wood for preference, having sourced, felled, and chopped it all himself, it works for him to have the stove on all day. Not to waste the heat he started cooking on it. He mentioned, quite casually, that he thought there was a Facebook Group dedicated just to Log Burner Cooking.

QUICK!! Open Facebook. Sure enough. The Log Burner Cookery Group. I have not used my electric cooker much for a week now.

Everyday is an adventure and, so far, all very edible. Today I made Brack Bread…which I will blog about next time. I will even include the recipe.

Coffee that is worth the wait…

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