Back to where it all started-2nd February 2023

Today marks the anniversary of the date I first started this blog a year ago. A candle for celebration but also a candle for today- Candlemass, Imbolic, Groundhog Day. This is the day that the ancients celebrated as the point in the year when the light could really be perceived as returning to the land and people’s lives again after the hard winter. There may be more cold and snow to come in the next two months but the light brings hope that Spring is not so far away now.

Winter is so much more than just a season. We each go through whatever the winter brings in terms of cold and dark outside our homes but we have interior winters, too. Not interior as “inside the house” but interior, soul level, winters. That time inside of ourselves, regardless of Nature’s Seasons, when we are dark and cold and without light. Fallow. An interesting term, seemingly barren in nature but it really means just resting. Just waiting. Just stuff going on beneath the surface level.

I would guess that most people, if asked, would say they hate the Winter. I suggest this might be a missed opportunity and that a change of mindset would help us through this period. Instead of saying we are tired, fed-up, bored, depressed or any of the other things we say about ourselves through this period, we could use the term that I have seen in a few places now- we are Wintering. We can give in to Wintering. We can allow ourselves to go to that dark place as a source of healing and solace, a place where new light can return in due course, a place where new dreams can hatch.

Sit and watch a candle burn. Hold a cup of something warm in your hands and do nothing apart from being aware as the warmth from the cup seeps deep into your hands. Imagine that warmth finding its way into your very being. Now, imagine that the warm feeling is the warmth of the sun-which it is, of course, as everything on our planet comes from that source originally.

Know that the Spring is coming.

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