A Nation pauses- 19th September 2022

Just perfect

This photo was taken on the morning of the 16th of September. It could be June. It’s as though Nature knew we might need more roses just now…

The weather has taken on a morning chill and the old gardening jacket has come off its hook in the shed.

The race has begun to see how much the tomatoes will ripen before the summer heat retreats.

Another confused individual still clinging to the belief that it IS June.

But I come back to this rose. A colour worthy of a Royal Hat and matching Coat. We pause to remember a person who wore those things so well and who did her job in the face of unimaginable personal sacrifice. Of course, she also had access to great privilege to help ease her burdens, but I feel that I have had more personal freedoms in my life than she often had in hers. I do not think I could face the world in the resolute way that she did so many times over 70 years and not crumble. And now, when I am feeling sorry for myself about anything at all, I will summon up the image of an old lady in her 90s, obviously in discomfort, up, dressed, makeup on, hair sorted, jewellery on, standing to meet her visitors with a smile on her face and all of this just two days before she left us.

We pause because we are not made of such sturdy stuff as this. I cannot help but wonder what she would make of all the hoop-la, but I can well imagine a face of Royal disapproval at the news of cancelled horse races….

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  1. Cynthia, you have such a talent for hitting the nail precisely on the head! Beautifully written blog – thank you. D x



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