What is it? – 23rd September 2022

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

I do love taking photographs. I love how they suggest a story to me, bit by bit, that unfolds into one of these posts. I was in the garden around about 2:15 this afternoon. I spotted these things and had to photograph them. Seen as they are in this photo, they might be some sort of sea urchin or the remains of a tiny bird. They are, in fact, seed heads from one of my clematis. The seed head forms as the green spiny-looking bit first, although it is not really spiny at all.

It then morphs into an amazing, ephemeral form, poised for flight when the wind picks up a bit to scatter it far and wide.

Seen in close up, the fine, downy hairs are just forming on the seed head on the left. I was enchanted by the way the sun picked out each dazzling filament of the seed head on the right. I just thought it was so pretty.

For the camera nerd types out there-all my photos are taken on my Blackberry Key One phone.

The first one in this series was taken with the seed heads placed on the glass top of the patio table and I liked the reflections of hands in the photo.

The second one was taken not at the beach but with our knackered old patio in the background. I love the way that photos can fool the eyes about what you THINK you are seeing. Hum……

The third one is just a cropped version of the first. I love this one. It’s all done with nothing more sophisticated than Microsoft Photos and Paint 3D for the signature.

The whole process makes me feel very contented. I can escape the world for an hour or so and do something a little bit creative that brings me joy.

What do you do just for yourself?

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