Courgette Soup- 16th September 2022

I don’t know how they do it! There are always a few that get away from me, hiding in the leaves unseen until they are this size when eventually found.

Never mind. Soup to the rescue. And these two are just about the perfect amount for the recipe.

Now, many people I know absolutely love marrows and these are approaching that sort of size but, in this household, one person’s silky, unctuous, taste-bud heaven is the other person’s mushy food hell! Not telling, but I grow too many of them every year so you can probably guess.

Soup it is then.

That 4th last word is “removing”…

I am sure we all have a recipe such as this one tucked away somewhere. It is a photocopy of a photocopy, but it is my favourite. And I do love a place to scrawl afterthoughts and inspirations! I must say I never get as far as the toast and cheese part of the recipe. It’s an extra faff and it is perfectly fine without it. And the later handwritten addition about the rosemary works much better for me. The other way was a bit all about the ROSEMARY and not about the rest of it.

I do use half homemade chicken stock and then top it up with water and Marigold stock powder. I go easy with the Marigold- only a small amount is needed as it has a tendency to SHOUT as well.

You have been warned about the large stock pan. This recipe makes a large amount of soup and it is nice to be able to have enough room to blend with a stick blender in the pan. Saves more mess and Mr. Dishwasher person is then mightily pleased with me.

This recipe freezes really well. A lovely taste of summer tucked away in the freezer never goes amiss. Let me know if you try it!

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  1. Soup sounds good. Always good having recipes for courgettes!!
    Having just made my favourite courgette soup, I thought I’d share briefly. It’s basically pea and mint soup but I include courgettes and maybe depending on mood/ weather and what’s to hand, a small potato / broad leaf sorrel / small amount bulb fennel / beans. Easy and tasty.

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