And a follow-up on the ruddy courgettes…3rd September 2022

A veritable tsunami of courgettes! All photos taken on the 1st of September.

This post is a follow-up on my method of growing as it has thrown up some strange things. Have a look at the photos from the 6th August: Growing courgettes-06 August 2022 – Quotidian (

And here are the plants now:

That bottle on the top of the pole stand at about 4 foot! I have carried on tying them in up the stake until they ran out of stake. They are still growing out of the top but have draped down toward the ground a bit. I thought, “oh well, they must be stopping soon any way. ” Or not….

This photo taken 1st September and they are going strong….

Top of plant

The is the top of the plant that has now drooped over and you can see the courgettes still forming.

Baby ONE

THIS is one of the new offshoots at the bottom of that same plant.

Baby TWO

And THIS is ANOTHER offshoot at the bottom of the same plant.

I have never experienced anything like it in the garden in over 30 years of growing courgettes. The hot and dry conditions seems to have favoured the plants but I have watered them individually very well. I have also fed them with my homemade “black gold” comfrey liquid. A post coming soon about that. The lack of much rain has kept the mildew at bay and raising them off the ground has been a game changer. The air circulates so much better and they take up less room.

Next year…ONLY ONE PLANT!!! Unless I forget, of course….

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