My other coffee maker- 14th Feb 2022

I have spoken of making coffee before but today I want to show you this. I have had this type of coffee maker, in varying sizes and types, for all of my adult life and it has been a love-hate relationship. Or rather, a love-disappointment relationship. I will explain. There is a reason that so… Continue reading My other coffee maker- 14th Feb 2022

My garden friend- 12th Feb 2022

This garden trowel is a treasure. I had read about the properties of using these tools in the garden and was especially intrigued about the anecdotal stories about their mollusc avoidance properties. This beauty was gifted to me by my husband and he had my name engraved on it- a lovely touch for such a… Continue reading My garden friend- 12th Feb 2022

Morning Coffee-9th Feb 2022

Favourite rituals. My day seems to float along on favourite rituals. It wasn’t always this way. I spent so much of my life lurching from one deadline or crisis to another that I now find great solace in the space to enjoy ritual. Today’s picture highlights several favourite things. First, the coffee contraption. The Presso… Continue reading Morning Coffee-9th Feb 2022

Beginnings-2nd Feb 2022

This photo journal, rather grandly named “Quotidian”, is to be a new project for my New Year. Quotidian: meaning- common or garden, every day, familiar, frequent, household, routine, ordinary. This is to be a journal of the everyday ordinary things that have meaning for me. I do always feel as though today- Imbolc, Candle-mass, Groundhog… Continue reading Beginnings-2nd Feb 2022