Making Kefir-11th Feb 2022

Daily Kefir

Over the last few years I have been making my own kefir. This is not clever. It is not hard. There is nothing at all complicated about it but, as with so many things in the kitchen, you do have to pay attention and learn that it has rhythms, just as we do. I make it with goat’s milk for preference as I like the tangy flavour. I actually love the fact that it is not always the same. There are days when the kitchen is warmer or colder and that can affect the time taken to reach harvest point. It is roughly 24 hours between batches in our kitchen. I make it in a quart Kilner jar with a piece of muslin over the top which is held on by a seed sprouting band that fits the jar. It lives on the counter top. When it has reached the “done” point, it is strained into a flip-top bottle and stored in the fridge and a new batch is started. You get to just know when it is ready.

Sometimes it is thick and creamy. Sometimes thin and more acidic. Sometimes I get a bit fed up with it and then it is just covered with milk and left in the fridge for a few days before I start again.

I like to think it is doing my insides good but, who knows? I drink it because I like it- a bit just drunk and then some poured over my porridge and fruit for breakfast.

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