My garden friend- 12th Feb 2022

The best trowel ever

This garden trowel is a treasure. I had read about the properties of using these tools in the garden and was especially intrigued about the anecdotal stories about their mollusc avoidance properties. This beauty was gifted to me by my husband and he had my name engraved on it- a lovely touch for such a prosaic garden tool!

If you know me and don’t know me by this name, I do answer to it. It is the name I was called by my family and friends as a child and my Mother stressed that it was to be spelled with two letter Ys as “your are special”. Little did she know…lol… one thing was for sure, my name was never to be found on any sort of souvenir tat and that fact alone must have saved my parents a small fortune. “Cyndy” was for every day, hearing “Cynthia” called by my Mother was a red flag and hearing “Cynthia Louise!” spelt very deep trouble indeed. I am called many variations by many people that I know. You can call me what you feel comfortable with.

The hand trowel is made of bronze and is just beautiful to work with in the garden. It keeps a good edge and is strong. The first year I planted out lettuces with it I had sowed double what I thought I needed, figuring half would be for the slugs, and every single one of them thrived. I had done nothing else differently. No idea what the slugs ate that year as they were still around but they certainly avoided my lettuces.

These trowels make the most wonderful special presents for gardening chums. I have lost track of how many I have given away. I know they bring joy (after the initial cries of “Oh, it’s far too beautiful to actually use!”) when the recipient discovers for themselves how hard they work in the garden. The metal develops a patina over the years and the handle gets a scrub and oil as needed. Should the handle wear out or break they are replaceable from the place I got mine:

Implementations artisan quality hand-made bronze garden tools

I get no commission from this company but, perhaps I should! Tell Jane that I sent you. It will raise a smile as I have sent so many people her way over the years.

Edit: Jane and her husband have handed the business over to new people now who will keep it going in the wonderful style they began all those years ago. Thanks Jane! The link above is still good.

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