Nature’s random gifts- 11th June 2022


My long-suffering gardener Andy says, “Do you really want all these old poppies here again this year?

Yes, bless him, it was a bit of a leading question. He was weeding the border and his idea of what looks good is straight lines and bare earth- I like all curves and random soil-covered generousness. We laugh at each other.

I said, “er… know….they were quite nice last year and there were some interesting ones as well. Can we leave them for now?”

He has learned not to mess with my resolute procrastination and the poppies were left to bloom. And…here they are. Last year I had pulled up all the boring ones as soon as the first bloom gave me a hint of what it was like. I left the rest to go to seed and scattered the most deeply cut blooming ones around in the bed.

Just perfect

I really think they are just so beautiful. The photo above represents the true colour. The next photo shows what happens when the sun shines through the petals from a low angle…

Bathed in light

What a perfect gift for a Summer day. Sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t need a ton of interference from us. She’s gonna do what she’s gonna do. But I hope she smiles when we take the time to scatter the seeds of possibility.

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