The Cobalt Blue Pot-28th May 2022

A pot to love for life.

My youngest niece got married on the 7th of May this year. I wanted to post this piece on that day but was away on holiday with no access to my files. Hopefully, this will be a case of better late than never.

When she got engaged, I asked my sister if there was some sort of wedding registry as that seems to be the way gifts are “done” these days. When I went into the designated web address and put her name into the “Couples” box, the beautiful pictures of her and her soon-to -be husband popped up.

Aw…they do look so much in love.

Then I opened the list and was surprised to find only four things listed. One was a huge, high spec camping cooler-utterly sensible for a long road trip. Then there were a couple of “experience” gifts that either groups or individuals could donate various amounts to: A Snorkelling for Two experience and a Catamaran Sunset Dinner Sail experience. Nice. People could give at whatever level they were comfortable with affording.

The last thing on the list was a thing. And what a beautiful thing. A cobalt blue, Le Creuset casserole, not the smallest, not the largest- Goldilocks disguised as a cast iron pan. This size can be lifted as you get older, even when it is full of food, and not put your back out. They are built to last and last. And as for the colour…

Be. Still. My. Beating. Heart.

It was as if she knew that her old Aunt Cyndy would not be able to see it and just leave it sitting there on the list.

I then went back to the Casserole website, found they did indeed use PayPal for payment, it checked I was a real person with my bank and the most splendid cast iron casserole was bought before anyone else had the same idea!


I arranged for delivery to my sister’s address knowing that she would do a splendid wrapping job for me, and I closed the computer with a happy sigh.

I hope my beautiful niece is still using this pan when she is my age. I hope that she will make thousands of wonderful dishes in it, all filled with love for the people in her life that she is cooking for that day. And I hope that she will remember her crazy, old Aunty who loves her very much.

I love you, Kelsey and look forward to meeting your William. Be happy! And the next thing I post in Quotidian will be a few ideas for recipes to put in that pot.

Your Aunt Cyndy xxx

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