The posh glasses-10th Mar 2022

While these glasses ARE more posh than the Duralex ones I spoke of in a previous post, we have used them everyday since we bought them in Jan 2021 and they are not as delicate as you might expect. The Covid business was dragging on by then and we thought we would treat ourselves to… Continue reading The posh glasses-10th Mar 2022

My 1st Singer sewing machine-9th Mar 2022

We met my Singer treadle sewing machine yesterday but I would like to tell you a bit more about it. This particular one was built in about 1945. Actually, I can tell you exactly when it was built. By looking up the serial number that is on the little metal plate attached at the front… Continue reading My 1st Singer sewing machine-9th Mar 2022

Household mending-8th March 2022

Mending tea towels? REALLY? Get a life, girl! The obsession with mending things comes from a pig-headed streak in me, I admit it. There was  a time when I had the same mis-matched tea towels as absolutely everyone else I know. I bet even the Queen has mis-matched tea towels. They are, without doubt, the… Continue reading Household mending-8th March 2022

Beginnings-2nd Feb 2022

This photo journal, rather grandly named “Quotidian”, is to be a new project for my New Year. Quotidian: meaning- common or garden, every day, familiar, frequent, household, routine, ordinary. This is to be a journal of the everyday ordinary things that have meaning for me. I do always feel as though today- Imbolc, Candle-mass, Groundhog… Continue reading Beginnings-2nd Feb 2022