A Summer breakfast for one-15th August 2022

If we are lucky we know those sorts of people who can never GIVE you enough. Their glorious bounty of spirit flows like water and they bless all who know them. I must be very lucky indeed as I have several friends such as these and they truly bless my life.

This sort of generous outpouring comes in many different areas in our lives and, for me, summer brings courgettes. What to do with them all???? Here’s a breakfast (or lunch) for one that is really delicious.

Take one courgette as pictured on right (remove flower, but it could be added if still fresh) and grate on coarsest side of grater. Melt a knob of butter over a medium heat in a small frying pan (6 inch/15cm?) and then (I just use clean hands!) squeeze the courgette out over a separate bowl and then add to the melted butter. You don’t need to go too mad with this, you just want to remove some of the water. This will depend how old your courgette is as well- mine came straight out of the garden so it was very moist this morning. Sauté for a minute or so and then add one beaten egg and mix together. Add salt and pepper. Top with a lid (doesn’t have to fit-mine doesn’t!) and turn down to low.

Take one tortilla wrap and fold into quarters-fold over in middle and then fold that over in the middle again. Pop it into the toaster, with the outside edges facing down, on the lowest setting to warm.

Have a look at the egg and chop it up a bit to scramble and cook as you like it. Grate over a dusting of Parmesan or other cheese if you have it. Add a few tarragon leaves or other herb if you have that. It’s tarragon in the photo and I do feel that tarragon was made for eggs. Open warmed wrap onto plate, place eggy mixture in middle and spread out a bit. Fold bottom and top over the egg mixture and then sides into the middle- or however YOU fold a wrap.

Enjoy while thinking of all the generous things and people you know in your life. The most generous one may be you. Have a great day!

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