It must be Spring-17th April 2022

Hand armour

My gold leather gardening gloves have turned up in various photos that I have used on this blog before but-


New gold leather gardening gloves. A present from my husband for Easter-again-and very welcome they are, too. It is almost as if my gloves have a little timer switch in them that makes them start to self-destruct once a year. They do get a lot of use so I am not really complaining about built-in obsolescence this time. Just yesterday I was doing something in the garden and suddenly felt a sharp pain under a fingernail on my right hand. Upon closer inspection, the middle finger of the right hand glove of my current pair had worn through just at the end of the fingertip and a thorn had obligingly found its way through the hole and straight under my fingernail.

Ouch. A lot. Swearing may have been involved. Followed by hydrogen peroxide.

So, that pair will now become “putting another log on the fire” gloves and these pristine new ones will become the go-to interface that makes gardening possible for me. Some gardeners hate wearing gloves but, for me, it is like wearing seatbelts in a car or headphones in a recording studio. It becomes second nature and gardening feels all wrong without them on my hands. My history as a violinist made good gloves an absolute necessity and now I find they protect my sensitive skin from sun as well as dirt. The sturdy leather also supports my slightly aching finger joints as well. Oh, the joy of getting older!

I have tried so many different sorts of gloves over the years and finally settled on these as being best value for money. Town and Country also make long gauntlets for pruning roses, which were good, but they now seem to make them from thinner leather than before (to keep costs down, I would guess) and they wear out far too quickly for the price. They make rubber (or plastic) coated cotton ones too, which are nice to use, but I can get through a pair of those in a few weeks. The ones pictured above are about £15 and, once you convince the Other Half that you really DO want a pair of gardening gloves as a present, they make a great gift.

I am very easy to shop for- no guessing or original thought required whatsoever!

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