More Spring light-12th March 2022


As I get older, I notice more each Spring how excited I get as the light gets stronger everyday. It as almost as if I have forgotten how things can be during the long Winter months. Darkness becomes our mind’s default mode and we shut down. The brain is running, but almost on standby. You’ve had those experiences of trying to not fall over things and people in dark cinema lighting? Groping along, feeling the edges of things, longing to find your seat so you can sit down, relax, and not feel like such a menace? My brain, all winter long.

There are mornings, as the light returns with strength, when it seems my husband and I can scarcely get on in the kitchen because of the intensity of the sun. That’s fine. Doing jobs can wait a bit until the sun goes around the house. I just enjoying looking at all the things the sun is now showing me. I loved how it lit up the coffee jar on this morning. It sets me off on a train of thought about the nature of glass and how wonderful it is. Astonishing stuff and we just take it for granted.

Of course, everything has two sides. The Spring light also pokes a shiny nose into cobweb-filled corners all over my house, as if to remind me that Spring Cleaning is a thing for a reason and I need to get on with it! I had not forgotten. I was just IGNORING it for another day or so.

I think I will just stand in the middle of the kitchen and take in the Light for a couple more days as my brain slowly comes back to life.

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