Sofa days-6th March 2022

Just. Sit. Down.

Sofa days. Some days are just like that.

We wake up. We are not very ill but we are not very well either. Done the test. No, not that. The body is just saying, enough already. Will you just sit and do nothing for a bit, please?

There is a part of the mind…well, my mind anyway…that just wants to try and keep going, but on a day that is destined to be a sofa day, you know it is not going to happen. If you possibly can, give in. Whatever it all is, it can wait. It will just have to. It will all still be there. Right where you left it.

Make a hot drink.

Wrap up warm.

Gather together all the things that make you feel cossetted- for me, that’s books, tablet with more books on, a couple of magazines to catch up on, blankets, sofa cushions, cuppa tea, knitting. No tv. No radio. Peace and quiet are my thing.

The one thing that is still missing for me is a cat- pooh. Never mind. Maybe a hot water bottle instead. Ready.

Treat yourself as you would your best beloveds if they were feeling poorly.

We all DO know that if we don’t look after our needs, trouble follows. We give each other the spiel about “put your own oxygen mask on before helping others” -and yet, and yet…

Why is it just so hard to sit down and let go?

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    1. They both passed away of old age and disease, Mrs. Fluffy was the last and died on my 60th Birthday, little tinker. Wanted to make sure I would never forget her. We both feel we just can’t do it again. Too much of a tie and too much heartache when they go.


      1. I understand that feeling. That’s what I said after Pierre the French Cat died. Then God sent Dock & Early Grey. Dock passed away during lock down. Eye cancer. It was absolutely heart wrenching. Now I’m down to EG. I think he will be my last one.


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